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Dear President Duterte,

Tatay Digong, I am a “hypocrite” and I supported you in the last elections!

Mr. President, I am 100% Roman Catholic and I am proud to be one! I am not perfect. I am also a persistent sinner who is struggling to find my way to holiness. As a Filipino father, like you I was fed up with a failed system of government led by oligarchs and people who are supposedly patriotic individuals. I am one of those genuine Filipinos who heard your call for change, and together we answered your call.

Now that you have won, please be reminded Mr. President that you are not just the president of Quiboloy and his followers, or of the INC. You are the president of us all … of all the 100 million Filipinos, the majority of whom are Catholics who voted for you. (Truth is, without the Catholic vote you would have not won the presidency! )

We thought your words during the campaign were just mere election rhetorics. As the presumptive President, we heard your call for reconciliation and healing. But days before assuming the presidency, here you go again, spewing fire and brimstone upon the Roman Catholic church!

Why antagonize us Catholics? Mr. President, you had devout Catholic parents. You had a Catholic education. And yes, you were made aware that the history of the church is indeed filled with many “hypocrites” – sinners – some of whom by the Munificent Grace of God became Saints! And now it is also by that same grace that you have been “anointed” to be our new leader.

Tatay Digong, please, be a President who heals. As a Christian leader, I hope you also realize, just like Mother Teresa, you were called not be successful, but rather, to be faithful! Faithful to your principles and ideals as a Filipino Christian leader. Called to be faithful to the Constitution. Called to be faithful to your fellow Filipinos – hypocrites and all!

Tatay Digong, rest assured that we “hypocrite” Catholics are praying for you and will continue to support you in your quest to bring a meaningful change to our beloved nation! PAGPALAIN PO KAYO, TATAY DIGONG!

P.S. We as Catholics are part of a global family of more than 1.2 billion people. We are the flock. And the Pope, the Cardinals, Bishops & Clergy are our shepherds. The Church is both a divine and human institution. As an instituion of men, it is also prone to mistakes & sinful acts. And it has survived the ravages of time, the reason is because of divine intervention. I hope and pray that by the Grace of God, Pres. Digong will find ways to work/collaborate with the Catholic Church!