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Sarap Maging Pilipino 0

Sarap Maging Pilipino

Ipakita natin sa buong mundo ang sarap at saya maging Pilipino! Watch this new Independence Day anthem of Jollibee sung… Posted by Viva Filipinas on Saturday, June 11, 2016

Catholic, Come Home! 0

Catholic, Come Home!

Catholic, Come Home!A highly informative, must-see TV commercial chronicling the immense and varied contributions of Christ’s Church now and throughout history. It reinforces the Faith of practicing Catholics and beckons lapsed Catholics to return...

Is Duterte being ready to reconcile with the Catholic Church? ‪ 0

Mayor Duterte?

What the world desperately needs now is leadership by example. We have so many leaders in office and many more aspiring to sit in office but are they examples of good citizenship? If the...