Mattel launches Filipina Barbie wearing traditional terno dress

Viva_filipinas_Mattel launches Filipino Barbie wearing traditional dress
Barbie’s latest nationality will be a Filipina as Mattel launch the toy in a terno inspired by the sampaguita and the sun in the Philippine flag. The terno represents the textiles of the different tribes in the country. She also has earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, and a fan.




According to designer Carlyle Nuera:


Mutya means pearl or beauty or muse; it’s a girl’s name, and is also used in the titles of pageants in the Philippines. Mutya Barbie will have the Kira face sculpt. I know a lot of collectors have a lot of love and nostalgia for that face sculpt, as do I, since that was a face sculpt I grew up with!