Dear Mocha, please don’t use us (Cagayanos) to incite hate or reduce to your political propaganda material.

Dear Mocha, please don’t use us (Cagayanos) to incite hate or reduce to your political propaganda material.
Dear Mocha, please don’t use us (Cagayanos) to incite hate or reduce to your political propaganda material.

Here’s the post from a netizen which gone viral:

Hello po, Ms.Mocha. As a Cagayano myself, let me just say that this kind of hate-mongering post is unhelpful and insulting to us, as well.

Most Cagayanos are actually very grateful that the vice-president came to our town, as the situation brought by supertyphoon Lawin is of a level that puts us in dire need of help and support not just from the national government, but from the Filipino community, and perhaps even the international community, as well.

We know that the president is abroad at the moment and so we appreciate that in his absence, our vice president volunteered to come and be appraised of our specific needs, especially as regards our shelter and houses, whose agency she is heading. We need sustainable, long-term aid, and that’s what VP Leni has promised to give us. Rest assured, that’s a promise to which we will hold her.

We are also very grateful to the DSWD. Under the adept leadership of Sec. Judy, the agency has been very active in the relief efforts prior to and after the onslaught of the monster typhoon.

Ma’am, we have had our share of typhoons over the years. We are no strangers to natural disasters, yet so rarely do we get attention from the media or the government. That used to be fine, but the situation is very different now. Typhoon Lawin is at par with Typhoon Yolanda, in some ways, even stronger- something most people do not seem to realize – but because of the low number of casualties (thank God for that!), we have been relatively ignored by the media. And so, we also badly need the publicity, and that’s what VP Robredo brought with her, and we indeed acknowledge that with our thanks.

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We are not a bunch of ingrates, as you are inadvertently painting us to be. Most of us know why the vice-president is there, as well as the DSWD and the DOLE secretaries. They come with different specific functions, but all with the intention to help, and we acknowledge that, and we thank them for that.

In relation to this, may I humbly ask, that instead of using our pain and distress to make a political point, you use your platform to broadcast the extent of damage in infrastructure and agriculture in Cagayan.

Right now, we want to believe that the fact that our governor used to be an LP stalwart has nothing to do with the relative lack of attention from the national government, and we hope that this situation would not disabuse us of that notion.

We greatly need help from the Filipinos and from the national government, but we, as a people, refuse to be trivialized and be used to incite hate or further political agenda, the way our brothers in Tacloban have been, so insensitively. Please do not reduce us to political propaganda material. We deserve so much more than that.

The Cagayanos are a proud, resilient people. The hawk has come and the hawk has left, and it may have left us nursing wounds. But, by God’s grace, we will soar again soon, and we will remember with thanks the people who cared enough to help. #

**I never thought I’d see the day when I would share a mocha uson post, but there are things you don’t keep silent about, and that includes home.

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