Lawmaker Challenges Sen. Marcos to Disclose true information on 2024 Budget

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vivafiilipinas0222202403Lawmakers in the Lower House challenge Senator Imee Marcos to substantiate her issues concerning the P5.768-trillion 2024 national budget.

The legislators specifically pointed out the bicameral conference committee, where the senator participated and signed the final budget report.

According to Lanao del Norte Representative Mohammad Khalid Dimaporo, for those seeking answers, they should refer to the bicameral minutes as it contains the information.

Dimaporo also appealed to both houses to maintain professionalism, emphasizing that it is what the Filipino people deserve.

Manila Representative Ernesto Dionisio Jr. criticized undesirable statements and video recordings on social media, describing them as “very unprofessional.”

The congressman emphasized that as lawmakers, it is only proper to show respect to each other.

La Union Representative Paolo Ortega stressed that issues regarding the 2024 budget should be brought to light and discussed to resolve them while the proposal is still pending in Congress and before it is enacted into law.

Ortega added that it is disheartening that such issues are only emerging now despite the rigorous scrutiny of the national budget.

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