Positive Trend: BFAR Observes Increase in Filipino Fishermen at Bajo de Masinloc

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vivafiilipinas0301202407In a notable development, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has documented a significant increase in the presence of Filipino fishermen at Bajo de Masinloc Shoal. This positive shift comes on the heels of BFAR’s recent strategic deployment, ensuring the delivery of essential food and oil supplies to support the local fishing community.

BFAR Spokesperson Nazareo Briguera reveals that the monitored count of Filipino fishermen at Scarborough Shoal has risen to 44, demonstrating a noteworthy upswing from the initial 21 recorded.

This update underscores the effectiveness of government interventions in addressing challenges within the disputed West Philippine Sea territory.

Concurrently, Filipino fishermen have successfully received vital supplies, including 44,900 liters of diesel, 217 liters of potable water, and 20 gallons of fresh water.

The past encounters with Chinese vessels attempting to obstruct BFAR’s mission in Bajo de Masinloc Shoal are also highlighted. The China Coast Guard’s deployment of a floating barrier prompted a response from the Philippines, including a radio challenge and the Chinese Navy’s use of a helicopter for close monitoring.

In a strategic move, BFAR deployed a Cessna plane to counter potential harassment, emphasizing the commitment to safeguarding Filipino interests.

This positive development aligns with the government’s commitment, announced in February, to regularly conduct BFAR-Philippine Coast Guard rotational deployments at Bajo de Masinloc Shoal. This initiative, in line with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s directive, aims to reinforce the consistent presence of Philippine vessels in the contested West Philippine Sea territory.

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