2 Filipinos injured in ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel

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vivafilipinas10092023-89The Philippine Embassy in Israel has recorded the number of Filipinos injured due to the attack by the militant group Hamas in some parts of Israel.

According to the Philippine Embassy in Israel Consul General and Deputy Chief of Mission Anthony Mandap, two Filipinos have been reported injured amid the ongoing unrest in the said country.

He said, one of them was shot while being rescued by the Israeli defense forces from a shelter, while a Filipino was suffocated after some members of Hamas set fire to his boss’s house where he was also staying.

According to the official, it is expected that the number of Filipinos affected by the conflict will increase, so they are continuing their investigation.

So far, Mandap has reported that they have not yet recorded any Filipino deaths due to such an incident out of the 30,000 Filipinos in Israel.

Meanwhile, compared to the past few days, the envoy also said that the situation in Israel has slightly subsided but nevertheless the situation there remains tense.

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