Catriona Gray, Sam Milby plan to get married next year

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vivafilipinas05212023-51The former Miss Universe said that her marriage to actor Sam Milby will be next year.

In the interview with Vicki Belo, according to Gray she is still enjoying the “engagement season” and they don’t want to rush the marriage.

“Maybe next year. I just want to enjoy this season. It’s a once in a lifetime season. I just want to enjoy it,”

When asked if her parents were in favor of Milby marrying her, Gray said that both her mom and dad loved the actor especially when they got to know him better.

“They really love him. With our engagement, they are super okay with it as well,” she said. “I actually have a video right after the proposal happened and my dad was tearing up. He was so happy. When I look back, it makes me so emotional.”

Gray also mentioned that she is also on good terms with Milby’s family. In fact, she is thankful that she met her boyfriend’s father before he passed away.

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