PBBM in ‘Madasigon’ class:’Be ready for challenges, the real battle is just beginning, be honest in serving the people’

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vivafilipinas05162023-40President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. emphasized to the 310 graduates of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) MADASIGON Class of 2023 to be prepared for the challenges they will face now that they will begin their public service.

The President said the cadets were honed and shaped by the academy to become great officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

According to the President, the real battle is just beginning, so they should be ready.

The experienced realities behind the country’s security environment always motivate the military to be prepared for any threat that may be faced.

The Chief Executive emphasized that the purveyors of criminality, insurgency and terrorism are the great obstacle in our pursuit of peace.

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