Larger joint military exercises between PH and the US will be held next year

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vivafilipinas04292023-21Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Gen. Andres Centino that it is still possible to follow the largest joint military exercise between the Philippines and America next year.

This was announced by Centino following the official closing of the 38th Balikatan Exercises 2023 between the two countries that lasted for almost three weeks.

He admitted, they are just now planning the next iteration of the two countries which they target to hold next year.

In addition to this, he said the 17,600 soldiers who participated in the joint military exercises this year could be increased if necessary.

Apart from this, Centino also said that they are open to training with other military troops from other allied countries of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, at the moment, he said, those in charge are still studying the purchase of new high powered equipment and weapons that were used in the Balikatan Exercises this year.

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