56 Filipinos in Sudan, requesting help from the government for their repatriation – DFA

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vivafilipinas04292023-22The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reported that more than 150 Filipinos are requesting assistance from the government for their repatriation from Sudan amid the ongoing conflict between the Sudanese military and paramilitary groups.

According to DFA Undersecretary Eduardo Jose de Vega, although only 300 Filipinos are registered living in Sudan, the Philippine Embassy has received messages from more than 500 people.

The DFA official also said that there may be up to 700 Filipinos in Sudan, most of whom are undocumented.

According to De Vega, the repatriation of Filipinos will begin in the next few days.

He said the DFA has also rented vehicles to move the Filipinos to a safer place out of Sudan.

There are two routes he said they can use, one of which is to travel to the port of Sudan, where there are ships going to Saudi Arabia or to the border of Egypt where there is a group that will take the Filipinos to Aswan and from from here they will board a plane back here to the Philippines.

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