‘Kadyos’ studied effective medicine for skin infection: DOST

MANILA-Filipino scientists are also studying the effectiveness of “pigeon peas” or kadyos as a medicine for various skin infections. Science Sec. Fortunato de la Pena the study started by Balik Scientist Dr. Doralyn Pure cadyos as a skin antibiotic. “Dr. Dalisay embarks on the novel study of the development of kadyos as skin antibiotic entitled…

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‘Brain disease and psychiatric disorders more‘ common ’among COVID-19 survivors’-US experts

A study by American health experts showed that one in three COVID-19 survivors was diagnosed with a brain or psychiatric disorder within six months. This is based on a study conducted by more than 230,000 American patients who tested positive for the deadly virus. Because of this, experts believe that testing positive for COVID-19 even…

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biden and putin

Putin, angrily retaliated against Biden’s ‘killer’ comment

Russian President Vladimir Putin, angrily responded when US President Joe Biden called him a “Killer”. Putin even challenged Biden to have an open conversation online. The US President said the statement further worsened the relationship between the two countries. Putin was reacting to Biden’s statement in an interview that the Russian President would pay for…

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