Congress has approved the expulsion of Arnolfo Teves Jr. as house member with a vote of 265 in favor

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vivafilipinas08172023-83The House of Representatives has approved with a vote of 265 in favor, zero against and three abstentions, the expulsion of 3rd District Rep. Arnolfo Teves as house member.

Recommended by the House Committee on Ethics and Priveledges led by COOP NATTCO Party List Rep. Felimon ESpares the dismissal of Teves.

Espares said that after thorough discussions and following many meetings, while observing fairness and due process, the Committee on Ethics and Privileges unanimously recommended that the penalty of expulsion from the House of Representatives be imposed on Rep. Arnolfo “Arnie” A. Teves Jr. for disorderly behavior and for violation of the Code of Conduct of the House of Representatives.

Espares clarified that the ATC designation of Teves as a terrorist was not the basis for the lawmaker’s ouster.

“When a Member of the House of Representatives is designated as a terrorist, it poses a significant threat to the integrity and dignity of the institution. It is a serious and unprecedented matter,” explained Espares.

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